My Skin Care Woes

My journey with skin care has been… tough.

 I have always had problematic skin and due to my impatient nature, have never stuck to a regimen to see if any of the products I have used in the past actually worked. I have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry cheeks and chin), trouble with acne and hyper pigmentation; all of which mean that my experience with finding products that work has been hard to say the least.

During the winter months last year, my acne scars had gotten worse and seemed to be taking up most of my cheeks. My issues with the appearance of my skin are so intense, they have begun to alter how I feel about myself. I refuse to go anywhere without make-up on and as much as I like to paint my face, it is an annoying to have to do every time I need milk from the corner store. When I wear make-up I feel so confident and the minute I take it off I find it hard to look in the mirror. Like 2 completely different people.

As a result of this I vowed to stick to a skin care regimen for at least 2 months before switching up products, so that I could really see if they were making any difference to the condition of my skin. Since January, I have seen a slight difference in how dark my scars are and the size of my pores on my nose. I’m not yet confident enough to leave the house sans make-up but it’s progress.

And so I guess this is just me documenting my progress with the appearance of my skin… and self-love?




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